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Ep 52: Stratagem

19 Jul 2010

Whoa, something happened?

Yes, it's amazing but true. The comic is back in production and new episodes will be rolling out in August.
It's true, some guy told me!

18 Nov 2009


Credits are back up to date and a handful of things got added to the Info page... check it out!

12 Jun 2009


Yes that's a new banner. I've been tinkering with a new look for the site.
Some of you might say "dude, screw the site just make the comic that's way overdue".

You're right.

28 Mar 2009

Info Page Revamped

I messed with the Character & Info Page some more. I started a "Places" section just below the characters. Check it out!

09 Mar 2009

Becuase it's been a while since the last news posting:

Here's a somewhat superfluous news post. Although there actually is some "news". In the interest of fending off the THOUSANDS TO MILLIONS of questions I receive about ArchEnemy, I started a FAQ page. It's awesome!

02 Dec 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yea, this was all I could muster. I thought about making another holiday filler, but doing nothing at all made me much jollier. I'm even 5 days late posting this message... ahh that's my kind of holiday.

02 Nov 2008

Update Schedule

So updates are starting to inch closer to what they will be permanently in the future. I'm posting about every 5 days at the moment, and once I'm caught up to the current episode, we'll settle into a weekly update.... at least that's the plan.

07 Oct 2008

1000 Views yay!

So we hit 1000 pageviews today! A very small weak-man milestone, but a milestone nonetheless. Go ahead, take the day off work!

20 Sep 2008

Info and Characters!

Yay, I was able to get an info page up and running with my meager HTML skills. It's quite sparse right now, but will flesh out as more events happen and characters are introduced.

20 Sep 2008

Credits Up

Ok, some form of credits is up and running. It's not the best ever made... but if you're determined to find out who's responsible, it can be done there.

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