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Lord Malgovar
A mysterious Dark Lord who has recently appeared.
Little is known about his origin or his powers.
Steve the Delivery Guy
A hapless package delivery guy who has the
misfortune of making a very informative and
very time consuming delivery to Malgovar's
new marsh fortress.
Lord Garlock
A Dark Lord who waged war on the kingdom of
Kornaliapia but was stopped 2 years ago.
Annoyingly to the reader, and to Malgovar himself,
he looks almost just like Lord Malgovar.
A hideous monster who wreaked havok on Telkara
5 years ago. Best guesses are that he came from
space, or maybe a volcano. But really, who cares?
He destroys everything in his path.
Stratego the Wise
One of the Four Legendary Light Warriors.
He is a powerful and well-studied black mage
from the enigmatic magical city of Ancientopolis.
Dragoon Zane
One of the Four Legendary Light Warriors.
A skilled Dragoon warrior from the far Northlands,
Zane is a straight forward hero.
Dave the Mimic
One of the Four Legendary Light Warriors.
Little is known about Dave other than the fact
that he arrived from an Eastern continent and
has formidable Mimic powers.
One of the Four Legendary Light Warriors. Barely.
Boone was prodded to go fight Zeropus by Kornaliapia
so that the king could tell his people that the
kingdom was "working on the issue".
A Dark Esper linked to Lord Garlock during the
peak of his reign. Unusually ill-tempered even
for a dragon, she doesn't hesitate to use
her devastating Dusk Flare attack.
Tim has always wanted to be a wise old man
since childhood. He spends his days hunting
for rumors and passes them on to anyone who
might consider him wise for doing so.
A powerful Esper known on Telkara as
"The Ultimate Summon". He supposedly
has the capability to defeat invulnerable foes.
Geoffrey the Messenger
The Rogue Messenger of Kornaliapia.
More legend than man, Geoffrey spreads
misinformation to all.
A simple slime residing within
the Marsh Cave. It doesn't take
kindly to hostile takeovers.
The Lithic Guardian
An ancient wisdom stone hidden away
deep within the Marsh Cave. It seems
to be stuck on the past.
A terrible emperor of destruction
who nearly conquered all of Telkara
over 800 years ago. What became of
his reign is all but lost in ages past.


ArchEnemy takes place in a world called Telkara. Telkara is a hopeless tangle of the many worlds of the Final Fantasy series, and several others.
Its history is so convoluted that half the inhabitants can't make sense of all the epic legends and world-shaking events that occur on a regular basis.

Kornaliapia is a kingdom holding significant power in Telkara. However, its military might is generally occupied with defense, due to the fact that the kingdom is under almost constant threat in some form or another.
Some threats arise because Kornaliapia is widely regarded as a kingdom of jerks, whilst others arise because the kingdom's name is so stupid.

The Marsh Cave
Lord Malgovar recently "took command" of the Marsh Cave for use as his Fortress of Darkness.
Remote and secluded, it is the ideal location for his purposes.
The cavern is vast and unexplored, and has seen countless inhabitants of all types in ages past.

Ordeal Trial Mountain
Ordeal Trial Mountain, whose dumb name was decided by an Orvik Village Council resolution, is thought to be
the residence of the Legendary Esper Rennetus. Adventurers seeking to gain his power must brave this
treacherous crag and overcome the difficult challenges that await them.

The Lunar Gate
The Lunar Gate is an ancient structure used for transportation to and from the Moon.
Its curators have long since passed, and it has been completely unused for centuries
due to a lack of anyone around that knows how to operate it.