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You may have questions about this comic... though I doubt it. Here are your answers anyway.

QUESTION: Why does your comic look so bad? What do you make it in, MS Paint?
ANSWER: Almost. I make my comic in AppleWorks.

ANSWER: I dunno, I just started out that way. Plus I'm too cheap and/or lazy to use Photoshop at the moment. Plus, Appleworks actually does have a couple nice features, like a searchable indexable library system where I store all my sprites. PLUS I'm shooting for an authentic Final Fantasy 4 to 6-era look... if that makes any sense.

QUESTION: Is that why you take so bloody long to make an episode?
ANSWER: Partially.. but I would put more blame on outside circumstances.

QUESTION: You know there are free alternatives just about as good as Photoshop right?
ANSWER: Yes. Yes I do.

QUESTION: Where did you get that sprite?
ANSWER: Check this out. (It's a sprite credits page)

QUESTION: Who the heck is that character? I don't want to read every back episode to find out!
ANSWER: I know! I wouldn't either. So in the interest of avoiding any need for memorization or lengthy searching, there's the Characters and Information Page!

QUESTION: When's the next episode coming out?
ANSWER: Some time between right this moment, and like one and a half weeks from now. Probably.

That's all for now. For more wondrous answers, ask more burning questions!